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Best wedding photographers in Chennai

Discussion in 'Tamil Nadu' started by KarishmaBabu, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. KarishmaBabu

    KarishmaBabu New Member

    Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I thought this is the best place for my query to be answered.

    I am getting married in Chennai and like anyone else who gets married I want everything to be perfect especially the photos which would be treasured.

    I would like to know about some of the best wedding photographers in Chennai and know their contact numbers, so I start researching and find out which one is the best.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Rajeev, Zainubrazvi and Saravanakumarb)


    An important part of planning a perfect wedding is the selection of the photographer for the important event. The photographer is a vital person, from the pre-wedding, sometimes called the pre-nuptial shoot, up to the wedding itself, he would be that one person who can capture these memories on photos. As such, for the couples, it is a tedious task of going through many portfolios and choosing which photographer suits their taste. They might even have to talk to various photographers beforehand, to ensure that their interests and goals for the wedding can be successfully executed in the photographs. This guide would highlight some of the best wedding photographers in Chennai, making the process of selection for the couples a bit on the easier side.

    Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai

    1. Scintilight Creations - A two-time recipient of the 'Wedaward International Wedding Photography Award,' Scintilight Creations is a well-known freelance photographer in Chennai. With a knack for capturing professional photos or even the candid side of couples, such flexibility allows for the most diverse range of photographs. Headed by Gracian Nalin and his team, couples can let their guards down and just go with the flow during their photoshoots. From romantic shots amidst the sea, to cozy sunset photos, you would find the usual themes here. But for those who seek new concepts, fret not, because the head photographer, Gracian Nalin, always comes up with out of the box and unusual ideas. His ideas usually come out of the blue so for the adventurous couples, it's best to just ride with it. A picture showcasing the groom rescuing the bride cuffed in the train rail or the photo showcasing the emptied pockets of the father, such are the examples of the unique photography concepts of Scintilight Creations.
    • Lowest Package Price - Rs. 20,000/Day
    • Address - Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    • Contact Number - +91 81 4884 1618
    (Image from Scintilight Creations)

    2. Foto Zone - Foto Zone was established in 2001 which means that it has over 16 years of experience under it. This photography company is headed by Santhosh Raj, who graduated from the Madras University with a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce. However, photography, in all its glory and glamour, is the true passion of Santhosh Raj. This shows in his portfolio, an assortment of fashion portraits, architecture photographs and yes, even candid wedding shoots. Capturing the love and sparkle in the eyes of the lovers is one of the trademarks of this photographer. Silhouettes under the shadows or the sunset are also showcased in his portfolio. Emotions of both bride and groom, of family members and of friends can all be witnessed in the photos captured by Foto Zone. Bringing out the vibrancy of Hindu weddings and the simplicity of Christian weddings, they can cater to any type of wedding, as long as the couple relishes their interests to the group.
    • Lowest Package Price - Rs. 33,750/Day
    • Address - No.31, Spurtank Road, Chetpet, Chennai 600031, Tamil Nadu
    • Contact Number - +91 98 4102 1764
    (Image from Foto Zone)

    3. Chennai Wedding Photography - With over 32 years of experience in the wedding photography field, the Chennai Wedding Photography is a force to be reckoned with. A team of passionate and enthusiastic professionals would help the couple in going through their much awaited wedding day. Every angle, every colour, every emotion and every important details would surely be captured by their lenses. They also conduct pre-wedding shoots, which can be classic in style or candid in style. They capture the very best beach settings, with the vivid light of the sun and the skies, along with the calming hues of the sand and the sea. The addition of the loving couple of the foreground makes the picture even more special. They also do well in natural settings, of the green grass, the surrounding trees or even the falling rain. It's your choice really as to what theme you'd like, rest assured that the Chennai Wedding Photography team would cater to your every need and request.
    • Lowest Package Price - Rs. 35,000/Day
    • Address - No. 294, Arcot Road, 1st Floor, Kodambakkam, Chennai 600024, Tamil Nadu
    • Contact Number - +91 44 4380 7205

    4. Vipin Vijayan Photography - One of the most sought-after freelance photographers in Chennai is Vipin Vijayan. If you want your wedding photos to be unique, he and his team is your best bet for that. Vipin Vijayan manages to capture photographs that showcase the unique love of each couple. While the usual elements of vibrancy and colour are found in all photos, the themes usually differ in pictures themselves. From the dim lighting, to the standing out of the central motif colour of each wedding, you're bound to feel confused in selecting which photographs would go into your wedding album. Even their pre-wedding shoots deserve a mention. Recently, they conducted a pre-wedding shoot in Hampi, a heritage site filled with temples and structures from the Vijayanagara dynasty. The ruins, the boulders and the surrounding Tungabhadra River added that touch of serenity and royalty to their photographs.
    • Lowest Package Price - Rs. 40,000/Day
    • Address - No. 7 Kasturi Ranga Avenue, 1st Street, Poes Garden, Kasturi Estate, Chennai 600018, Tamil Nadu
    • Contact Number - +91 98 9456 2109
    (Image from Vipin Photography)

    5. Graphick Stills - One of the oldest photography companies in Chennai is the Graphick Stills, which was established in 1982. They mainly specialise in traditional photography along with videography. This combination makes them one of the most affordable wedding photographers in the city. The focus of their photographs is usually the couple so they are devoid of ravishing effects or funny antics. So for the traditional couples, those who want just simple photographs on their wedding day, you can opt for this group. Don't worry because their photographs still capture the important emotions and sparkles of love in the eyes of every couple. Even simple settings like the roadside or a corporate building can be made stunning by this group.
    • Lowest Package Price - Rs. 34,000/Day
    • Address - No. 14, Darshan Apartments, 2nd Floor, Flat No. 7, Thirumoorthy Nagar 2nd Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600034, Tamil Nadu
    • Contact Number - +91 98 4105 1851
    (Image from Graphick Stills)

    6. Focuz Studios - This is perhaps Chennai's most popular wedding photographer, the Focuz Studios. Interestingly, the photography company was established by two engineers, Chandru Bharathy and Saranraj Annamalai. What started out as a hobby became the life-long passion of the duo. They are the most sought-after photography company in Chennai and they begun with just Rs. 15,000 of basic package but now charges one of the most expensive basic package rates for wedding photography in the city. Yet they attract the most number of couples because of their expertise in the field. In fact, they also shoot weddings abroad, like in Singapore, Bangkok and even Paris. With world-class equipments, a team of professionals and the passion of making photographs into arts, the Focuz Studios is your best bet for a truly unique and worth your money wedding portfolio. They mainly specialise in candid photography with videography and special photo book.
    • Lowest Package Price - Rs. 125,000/Day
    • Address - No. 9A, Dhanarajapuram Extension, 1st Street, Selvi Nagar, Kolathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600099, India
    • Contact Number - +91 98 8400 9970
    (Image from Focuz Studios)

    7. Studio 31 - Studio 31 was established in 2010 in Chennai and has a number of full-time employees that can cater to the queries of any prospective client. Their team is very varied and each individual has their own task, which can help in lessening the burden to the couples. With over, 1,800 wedding shot and photographed by this group, they have become South India's largest photography company. Their unique selling point is that they can provide for both candid and traditional photography as well. They capture the raw emotions of each wedding, without having to resort to crazy editing or effects. Perhaps this is what makes Studio 31 the top contender when it comes to wedding photographers in Chennai. They truly know the ins and outs of the industry and would go out of their way just to satisfy the client's needs. With every smile and tear captured on camera, it's as if you're transported back to your special day with just a glimpse of you wedding photographs.
    • Lowest Package Price - Rs. 100,000/Day
    • Address - Old No. 3, New No. 5, First Floor, United India Colony, 5th Cross Street, Kodambakkam, Chennai 600024, Tamil Nadu
    • Contact Number - +91 90 2511 5577
    (Image from Studio 31)

    8. Rohan Mishra Photography - Only those who have experienced being married know the emotions and fears of a newlywed. This is why the Rohan Mishra Photography, with the duo of Rohan and Puja, is another good choice for a wedding photographer on your wedding day. Rohan started out with photography as a hobby, first capturing nature through his lens. He then ventured into wedding photography with the help of his wife, Puja, who is an ideal partner due to her interests and experience in advertising and styling. Couples would be more relaxed around this duo, as they do understand the jitters and worries of about to be wed couples. If you love royal themes, you're in luck, because this duo specialises in such themes. In fact, they have shot many wedding concepts in royal cities like Mysore, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Just last year, they won the NIKON Wedding Photography Contest, for their heartwarming photograph from the Vidai Wedding Ceremony, of the bride crying as she was about to leave her first home.
    • Lowest Package Price - Rs. 60,000/Day
    • Address - D1, Block B, Nahar Shantha Apartment, Mount Batten Street, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600096, India
    • Contact Number - +91 99 4009 0869
    (Image from Rohan)

    9. Hemanath Photography - Hemanath Photography was established in 2007 by Hemanath Saranathan and just like the other photographers in this list, he started out in a different path. Initially, he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communications. Thereafter, he worked in the film industry, specialising in short films mainly. It is then that he fell in love with photography and pursued his passion as a career. Having worked with big names in the advertising industry like Pedigree, Axe and more, he had his time in the limelight as well. But for capturing special moments of the couples, he has this hidden talent for that. He specialises in traditional wedding photographs but can also cater to the candid wedding photograph needs of guests. The beautiful colours of a Hindu wedding are all highlighted in his photographs. Even Christian weddings that he had shot depict that solace and grandeur despite the more neutral hues.
    • Lowest Package Price - Rs. 45,000/Day
    • Address - No. 62A, Kodingyur, Mudra Homes, Jambuli New Colony, Perambur, Chennai 600011, Tamil Nadu
    • Contact Number - +91 44 3361 3653
    (Image from Hemanath Photography)

    10. Studio Photoscape - Studio Photoscape was established by Rahul Sadagopan in 2006. An engineer by profession but a photographer by heart, he set out to pursue his passion in capturing work of arts in pictures. He begun his career as a photographer by first capturing nature and wildlife. He then ventured into commercial and wedding photography thereafter. This interesting mixture of skills, being a natural techie by heart due to engineering and being patient too because of his experiences with nature and wildlife photography, has lead to him being one of the best wedding photographers in Chennai. This is especially true for the candid photographs that he takes, which are all non-intrusive and captures the real emotions of the individuals in the photos. Their captured photos are all captivating, especially the cross-cultural ones that depict the cultures of both Hindus and Western individuals.
    • Lowest Package Price - Rs. 75,000/Day
    • Address - Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    • Contact Number - +91 98 8487 2485
    (Image from Studio Photoscape)


    Planning for your wedding doesn't have to be as hectic or gruelling. With the help of online portals, such as this website, you can search for the best venues, caterers and even photographers that can help make your wedding more memorable. The guide above highlights the top-notch wedding photographers in the city of Chennai. Highly rated by former clients and even by wedding websites, these are the very best companies you can utilise for your wedding photography needs. Always keep in mind that the magic in the photographs can only be captured by skilled and experienced photographers. Make sure you communicate with many photographers before deciding on which one best suits your personality and interests.

    I hope this helps you!:)