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Dune Eco Village & Spa

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by MithunI, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. MithunI

    MithunI New Member

    There is an accommodation in Pondicherry called Dune Eco Village & Spa, which seems like a beautiful property and is nicely located.
    They have different room options that are theme based as well which I would like to know more about, so I can book the room which I prefer for myself and my family.

    I believe the hotel has a swimming pool as well, but I need confirmation on this.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there, welcome to the forum!

    The Dune Eco Village and Spa
    What is the Dune Eco Village and Spa?

    The Dune Eco Village and Spa in Pondicherry is located on the Coromandel Coast of Tamil Nadu. It is a short drive away to the union territory of Pondicherry. What sets this resort apart from any other resort in the region is that it focuses on the environment and on organic living. As such, several aspects of the resort, from the rooms and even to the foods served, are evidences of their emphasis on the importance of taking care of our environment and our bodies. If you're a person who places importance on healthy living as well as taking care of the environment, the Dune Eco Village and Spa is one with you on these philosophies.

    What are the accommodation options in the Dune Eco Village and Spa?

    The resort has five types of accommodation, subdivided into many more categories. All room types have reclaimed parts from old houses, thereby giving them a rustic appearance. This also holds well for the eco-friendly theme of the resort. While not all rooms have air-conditioning, the breeze from the sea provides some relief from the heat, especially during summer season.

    1. Eco Rooms (Nature Cooled) - Priced at Rs. 5,500/Night
    • Bamboo House - This a traditional bamboo house, with thatched roof and walls, along with stone flooring. All furnitures are made from wood too. There's a separate living room area as well as a work desk area too. There's also an open terrace leading into a lush green garden.
    • Baywatch House - The use of weaved coconut leaves gives this house a very traditional and rural vibe. It is located quite close to the swimming pool and right at the beachfront though. Brightly coloured interiors add that modern feel to the house. If you want something traditional yet modern, this would be one of the best options for that.
    • Flex House - Another traditional bamboo house, with its own private lounge facing the sea. The house is a bit unique though as the bed has this enclosing frame that gives it a chic look. The bathroom is also very spacious and designed with floral motifs.
    • Flower House - Featuring thatched roofs and walls as well but a little more vibrant is the Flower House. Furnitures are more elegant and the bathroom has an open roof. Thus, during day time, the entire place is teeming with natural light. It's a good option for nature lovers.
    • Nawabi House 1, 2 and 3 - All Nawabi Houses are considered as stilt houses and they feature the same thatched roofs and walls. However, they are more colourful inside, featuring vibrant yellow and blue motifs. The bathrooms have granite pillars and open roofs too.
    • Paradise House - The main advantage of staying in the Paradise House is that it is located near the Paradise Spa. Other than that, it has the same features as the other houses, thatched roofs and walls along with a private garden.
    2. AC Standard Room - Priced at Rs. 7,950/Night
    • Bangle House - The Bangle House has a bricked facade and flashy interiors. Furnitures are unique in that traditional glass bangles make them sparkle. Even the bathroom has eccentric designs that stand out. While the room looks quite minimalistic from a distance, the minute details make the difference and make the house a work of art in itself.
    • Beach House - Surrounded by coconut trees and with a view of the sea, the Beach House is your best option for relaxation. What makes it unique though is that it has an open bathroom located right in the garden.
    • Dome House - Feel the spirituality as you stay in this temple-inspired Dome House. It has an open lounge with views of the garden. The house itself is very simple, much like staying right at your own home.
    Dome House (Image Courtesy of Dune Eco Group)
    • Garden Room - The resort has six garden rooms, each uniquely designed and beautiful. Some rooms have vibrant colours with eccentric designs while others have dark interiors with small statues lining the room. The best part? All of the rooms have their own private garden access.
    • Kerala House - Mimicking the traditional Kerala houses is the Kerala House of the resort. It has sloping roofs along with wooden interiors. There are three rooms so it can easily accommodate a big family. There's also a private garden with parasols that families can spend some time in.
    • Mud House - The best option for those who love minimalist designs. The house is made of traditional mud and cow dung so it gives it this rustic orange appearance. This alone gives the house a characteristic appeal, even without all the additional statues or paintings.
    • AC Paradise House - An upgrade from the Paradise House above since this one has air conditioning. It has wooden interiors too much like a traditional Kerala house.
    • Silver Room - A silver painted room hence the name but it's unique in that it has an elevated bed frame. The bath tub though is in a lower setting. Such contrasts make the Silver Room perfect for those who enjoy quirky designs.
    • Wood House - A traditional all wood house, from the roofs to the floors, making your experience quite satisfying. It even has a private lounge garden with some loungers for enjoying the views around. The house is very spacious, a good option for couples in a honeymoon.
    3. AC Suites - Priced at Rs. 11,950/Night
    • Garden Suite - There are two garden suites, which have a separate living room area and bedroom. Uniquely designed yet oozing with comfort, these are the features of these suites. Aside from that, there's an open rooftop area where you can gaze the stars with your loved one.
    • Gramam Suite - The Gramam Suite has a private garden along with a separate lounge area. It is very minimal in design, with just a few floral arrangements and paintings. The suite is perfect for older couples, who want to reminisce on the older times.
    • Granite Suite - Enjoy history while staying in this suite as some parts of it were from reclaimed resting houses in Mahabalipuram and Coimbatore. This actually gives the suite a very traditional yet lovely appearance. Combined with modern furnitures, you have the best of both worlds. The bathroom though is very modern, with a shower and dark motif.
    • Karaikudi Suite - This spacious suite has a separate living room area and a bedroom. Most of the items used for the construction of the suite were reclaimed from an old Chettinad palace. So you might feel like royalty staying here, yet you won't need to pay as much. The suite also has an outdoor lounge for enjoying the sun or the stars.
    • Surya Suite - A suite named after the Sun God, Surya, means that it has something special about it. That something is also related to light and you'd be delighted to discover it once you stay in the suite. Modern amenities mixed with traditional wooden furnitures give the suite a trendy vibe. It is best fit for couples though as the suite is not that huge.
    • Tower Suite - The best option for viewing the sea as it is located high above a tower. Whether you want to feel like Rapunzel stuck on a tower or maybe a lighthouse keeper, you can do so here. The bath tub is even located beside the window so you can enjoy the sea view while bathing.
    Tower Suite (Image Courtesy of Dune Eco Group)

    4. AC Luxury Suites - Priced at Rs. 19,750/Night
    • Artist Penthouse - The Artist Penthouse is set amidst huge and well-manicured lawns. It is very modern with top to bottom glass panel windows and an indoor jacuzzi. All furnitures are made of wood though which add some charm to the house. On the other hand, everything else is minimalistic and very suitable for many types of travellers.
    • Artist Studio - Luxury fits this suite quite right as it has some of the best features like a mezzanine, top to bottom glass windows and an outdoor lounge area. If you enjoy swimming in the pool, this studio is also located quite close to it.
    • Pool House - A traditional Kerala house with modern facilities like a private swimming pool and elegant sofa set. It has stone walls though and dark marble flooring.
    5. AC Double Suites - Priced at Rs. 17,950/Night
    • Art Deco House - Featuring two bedrooms along with two gardens, the Art Deco House is luxurious and also spacious. There's also a separate living room area plus dining room area. Walls are made with granite while the floor gleams of marble. Designs like paintings and traditional mirror work give the house a more royal appeal.
    • Family House 1 and 2 - For several families, the Family House offers two bedrooms with their own bathrooms. The house is more traditional than modern but blends well with the surrounding greenery. A dining area and a lounge area are also included in the house.
    What are the facilities in the Dune Eco Village and Spa?

    The resort has many facilities to keep guests comfortable during their stay. The Paradise Spa is there to give treatments and massages to weary guests. There's also an outdoor games facility for guests with games like tennis and volleyball. There's also the outdoor swimming pool although some houses have private pools and jacuzzis as well. For the children, the resort has activities like pottery classes, bicycle rentals and rural activities to keep them busy too.

    The resort also has two restaurants, both serve organic dishes. The first one is the Fun Restaurant which serves Indian and Continental cuisines. All ingredients are picked fresh from their organic garden and meats are taken from their poultry too. They also have a Seafood Cafe serving freshly prepared seafood dishes to guests. And lastly, they also organise special romantic dinners, just inquire about it in advance.

    Other services offered by the resort are car rentals, meeting facilities, parking, internet access, laundry and travel desk. All these services provide one with the best experience in the resort. Although you are one with nature, you are still not shortchanged when it comes to the amenities and services you receive.

    I hope this helps you.:)
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