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How To Reach Mumbai International Airport?

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by Nayyer, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Nayyer

    Nayyer New Member

    I will be traveling to Mumbai and be getting to my first destination is easy, but on my way back when I need to get my flight back home from Mumbai airport I need some help.

    It has not been finalized to what my last destination in Mumbai will be, so I can not mention where I would be traveling from. I have heard the traffic in Mumbai is bad and if getting a flight the worst thing is being late and missing your flight, so I need to know all the options on how to reach Mumbai International Airport and decide which would be better at that time.

  2. Mohit Eagle

    Mohit Eagle Member

    There are three options you have to travel to Mumbai International Airport and that is by train, bus or taxi.

    Unfortunately, there is no train which goes direct to the airport, and the nearest train station to Mumbai international airport is Andheri East Railway Station. The distance from Andheri West railway station to Mumbai International Airport is only 3km, and from the station, you can easily get an auto or taxi. A word of warning the local Mumbai trains are very crowded so if you don't like the crowd then best to avoid traveling by train.

    Bus services are also available, but like you said that you don't know where you would be traveling from, so it is difficult to suggest which bus route to take. One suggestion I can give is getting a bus to Vile Parle and then getting the bus 321 from Vile Parle East which would take you to Mumbai International Airport. A bus can take some time, as there would be many stops in between the journey.

    I would think that getting a taxi would be your best option, especially if you will have luggage with and are far away from the airport. But like you said that there is a lot of traffic in Mumbai leave between 2-3 hours prior to your checking in time.