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Khajuraho Temples

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Sharon, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Sharon

    Sharon New Member

    Hi all. I'm thinking of visiting the Khajuraho Temples. I see that a couple of different tours can be booked; one is a 'walking' tour and the other is simply labeled a 'private' tour (more $$$). Has anyone here done either? If so, which is best?

  2. Tabitha

    Tabitha New Member

    I think I would go on a walking tour first to see the different temples, it will save you money and you will probably see the exact same thing as the private.

  3. Sharon

    Sharon New Member

    That's a good idea, Tabitha. Good exercise, too. ;) I think I'll go with your suggestion and pick the less expensive tour if I book. Then I can spend my savings elsewhere.
  4. Dakota

    Dakota New Member

    I have taken private tours and walking tour. In a private tour normally you go to different factories and watch them make local arts and crafts. Afterwards, you pass through their store to buy a few things on the way out. However, on the private tour you'll have a chance to visit a few more places that you can't visit on a walking tour.
  5. Bonzer

    Bonzer New Member

    The Khajuraho temples are located in Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. They are located at around 175 Km southeast of Jhansi. It's a UNESCO world heritage site. It's famous for its erotic sculpture and the temple's architecture is astounding and is a must see.

    Going by walk is news for me. Would you mind sharing some of the details?
  6. Himanii

    Himanii New Member

    Here's a breakdown of the walking tour vs. private tour options for Khajuraho Temples to help you decide which might be best for you:

    Walking Tour:

    • Budget-friendly: Walking tours are generally much cheaper than private tours.
    • Social Interaction: You'll meet other travelers and share the experience.
    • Local Knowledge: Experienced guides can share interesting insights and stories about the temples.
    • Focus on Walking: Explores the temples at a leisurely pace, allowing you to appreciate the details and architecture.

    • Fixed Itinerary: The route and information might be pre-determined, with less flexibility to customize the experience.
    • Larger Group Size: You'll be sharing the guide's attention with other participants. This might limit your ability to ask personalized questions.
    • Faster Pace: Walking tours might cover more ground in a shorter time compared to a private tour.

    Private Tour:

    • Flexibility: You can customize the itinerary to your interests and pace. Want to spend more time at a particular temple? No problem!
    • Personalized Attention: The guide can tailor their explanations to your interests and answer your questions in detail.
    • Comfortable Pace: You can set the pace and take breaks as needed.
    • Transport: Some private tours might include transportation to and from the temples, which can be helpful if you're not staying close by.

    • Higher Cost: Private tours are significantly more expensive than walking tours.
    • Less Social Interaction: You won't have the opportunity to meet other travelers.

    Here are some additional factors to consider:

    • Your Budget: If you're on a tight budget, a walking tour is a great option.
    • Travel Style: If you prefer a more social and budget-friendly experience, a walking tour might be ideal. If you prefer a more personalized and flexible experience, a private tour is the way to go.
    • Group Size: Are you traveling solo or with a group? If you're with a larger group, you might benefit more from a private tour to ensure everyone's interests are considered.

    Ultimately, the best choice depends on your preferences and budget. I hope this information helps you decide which tour is best for you!