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Kolkata to Bangladesh bus service

Discussion in 'Bangladesh' started by NoorJahan, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. NoorJahan

    NoorJahan New Member

    I have got a visa for Bangladesh and now just need to make a move to Bangladesh. As I am currently in Kolkata I need to know which all bus services operate from there to Bangladesh, and where I need to get the bus from. I would appreciate it the response would be quick as I need to make the bookings.

  2. Oju

    Oju New Member

    There are two buses which go from Kolkata to Dhaka, which go directly to Dhaka without any stops.
    There are other buses go to the border and from the border you need to then change buses to go further to Dhaka.
    From the two type of buses the first buses which are direct are the best as when you travel you would get less hassle and you can easily get the tickets from bus operators. You would need to get bus from the bus terminal at Salt Lake.

    I hope I have answered your query well...:)

  3. AswinDas

    AswinDas New Member

    I have been to Dhaka twice and used both Shohag and Shamoli bus services, which are good so I would recommend these.
  4. HIraeth

    HIraeth Member

    My father has a lot of work in Dhaka so he travels there from Kolkata almost every month. He uses the Shamoli bus services as well. It takes about 9-10 hours to get there, but this bus makes the journey as comfortable as you can hope for while travelling in a bus. Otherwise, you can also log into Makemytrip.com and check out the other direct bus services that are available between Kolkata and Dhaka.
  5. biddut deb nath

    biddut deb nath New Member

    It will be better for everyone to travel from Kolkata to Dhaka by AC bus. There are few services among them Sohag paribahan has some luxurious buses. Also Bangladesh govt runs some buses but they are only for daytime travel.