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Hotel in Darjeeling for Rs1000

Discussion in 'East India' started by SunaimaL, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. SunaimaL

    SunaimaL New Member

    I need some recommendations for a decent hotel in Darjeeling. As I am low of budget I can only afford a maximum of Rs1000 per night.
    Thank forum members.

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    There are a lot of hotels in Darjeeling which fit your budget, and to mention some of the decent ones they are the Main Olde Bellevue Heritage Hotel, Hotel Broadway, Hotel Darjeeling Palace and Crystal Palace.

  3. BharadwajV

    BharadwajV New Member

    Here are some options which are very basic but within your budget. Hotel Broadway Annexe, The Janani Villa and Hotel Mount View.
  4. RaviDua

    RaviDua New Member

    If it is cleanness, service and comfort then I would recommend Ginger hotels, I have stayed in many of their hotels across India and it never disappointed. The costs are very reasonable as well.
    Just seen your thread title your budget is Rs1000 and the cost for Ginger hotels is around Rs2300 which is Rs1000 more than your budget, but for the service it is worth it.
  5. Rahul4640

    Rahul4640 New Member

    Please excuse me for saying that I do not think it is possible to get a decent budget hotel in Darjeeling in that price. IMHO you have to spend around Rs 1200/- to Rs 1600/- per day to get a decent accommodation.
  6. btalivny

    btalivny Member

    I must agree with Rahul. Getting a good and safe hotel at such a hot spot for tourism is very improbable. Yes you can obtain a hotel, but will you feel safe? Will their be accommodations such as clean beds etc.
  7. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    For that price range, you can get decent hotels but they will have basic amenities. I'll try my best to include only the good quality ones, where they're quite clean and hygienic. Here are some hotels within your budget in Darjeeling:

    Hotels Under Rs. 1,000 in Darjeeling
    • Hotel Shakura - Their Standard Room is at Rs. 540 per night. They have cable/satellite television, hot/cold water in the bathroom and complimentary toiletries in rooms. Hotel facilities include: banquet hall, restaurant and bar. Laundry services can be requested. WiFi can be requested for a fee as well. Their address is: Near Darjeeling railway station Hill Cart Road, Darjeeling, West Bengal, 734101.
    • Grovel Hill Hotel - Their Double Room is at Rs. 900 per night. There's AC/heater, fridge, cable/satellite television and personal desk in rooms. Hotel facilities include: restaurant and banquet facilities as well. WiFi is only available if you pay for it. Their address is: No. 25, Laden La Road Darjeeling Railway Station, Darjeeling, West Bengal, 734101.
    • Kalikas Hotel - Their Executive Deluxe Room is at Rs. 1,000 per night. Amenities like television, fridge and AC are all available in the room. There's also a parking for vehicles in the vicinity of the hotel. Their address is: Lebong Cart Road, Darjeeling, West Bengal.
    I would also list some hotels that are a little bit over your budget. Here they are:

    Hotels Over Rs. 1,000 in Darjeeling
    • Hotel Aliment - Their Double Room is at Rs. 1,200 per night. Basic amenities are all included as well as WiFi and hot water in the bathroom. There's also a restaurant in the hotel. Their address is: No. 40 Dr Zakir Hussain Road, Near Youth Hostel, Darjeeling, West Bengal, 734101.
    • Hotel 717 - Their Single Occupancy Room is at Rs. 2,200 per night. It comes with cable television and hot/cold shower. There's a restaurant, gift shop and a bar in the hotel as well. Their address is: No. 26, HD, GP Lama Road, Champasari, Darjeeling, West Bengal, 734101.
    • Hotel Alice Villa - Their Double Bedroom is at Rs. 1,800 per night. Hot/cold water is available in the bathroom. Cable television is also available in the room. Parking facilities are also provided for. Their address is: No. 41, HD Lama Rama Road, Darjeeling, 734101.
    I hope this helps!